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Team BV on Snowdrop duty with the BBC

Team BV joined other local enthusiasts when the BBC CountryFile Team arrived in Shaftesbury.

CounrtyFile were filming for their programme to be shown on Sunday 23 February, a show based in and around Shaftesbury with a particular focus on their Showdrop Festival.

BV Dairy have supported the Shaftesbury Snowdrop Diamond Jubilee Community Legacy, and in particular their Heritage Collection, since day one.  The have provided financial sponsorship in addition to much needed physical support when planting season is in full swing, or, as in 2018, when an area of land needed clearing to make way for overwintering beds.

Kate, Mark, Rupert and Joey (who have all helped the project in the past) spent an hour or two learning about life on both sides of the camera when a topical show such as CountryFile is being made.

Look out for them with Matt, Ellie and Steve on BBC 1 at 6.10pm on Sunday 23rd February.

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