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BV Dairy take on the Challenge – TWICE!!

(Top = John, Charis, James and Dennis; Bottom = Mark, Suzi, David and Luke)

In 2019 BV Dairy supported the Samworth Challenge again – but this time with 2 teams!!

Saturday 1 June saw 8 colleagues compete in a triathlon type event in the glorious but very rugged terrain of Exmoor. The event included an 8km cross country hike, a 10km canoe row and a 30km bike ride.  Teams had to navigate their way around the grueling course collecting points and avoiding time faults and were out on the course for in excess of 9 hours. Truly not for the faint hearted!

James, Charis and John complete the cycle.

BV Dairy’s teams, Millie’s Mates and The Udder Team, entered at the basic level of ‘tough’ and were 2 of over 100 teams taking part, including some from 40 Commando, Royal Marines based at Norton Manor, Taunton!

An important part of the challenge is the Charity element and all Staff at BV Dairy have been involved with fund raising for The Stroke Association.  Having seen 3 members of staff affected in one way or another by this often forgotten condition it was the very obvious choice when put to the vote at the Dairy.

Fundraising has taken the form of breakfast rolls (extended so colleagues on the night rota had a chance to enjoy some hot food after their shift), car washes, skittles evenings, cake sales, etc. and even the offer of blood pressure checks at this years Shaftesbury Food and Drink Festival.

Harry Cowan, Commercial Director at BV Dairy was keen to thank all those who have donated products to make the fund-raising events possible and, more importantly, far more profitable. ‘Working toward this event over the last few months has generated a very positive atmosphere here at the Dairy’ he said. ‘We are also grateful to all Staff who have bought a roll or a cake. As the

Simon gets his blood pressure checked at the Shaftesbury Food and Drink Festival.

Directors here have supported the Team and the event by paying for all entry fees, accommodation and transport costs and, where necessary, for equipment too we are pleased that every penny raised goes to The Stroke Association.’

Fund raising continues and anyone wishing to donate should visit BV Dairy’s Just Giving page:





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