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Recruitment Open Day – January 25th

BV Dairy are one of the largest employers in Shaftesbury BUT have you ever wondered what we actually do?

Some people believe that we keep and milk cows here at Wincombe Lane just one mile (as the crow flies) from the Town Hall in Shaftesbury High Street.  However, whilst we are surrounded by open pasture land there are no cows to be found – anywhere!

BV Dairy are actually one of the pioneers in the dairy manufacturing industry.  In our 60-year history we have been at the forefront in utilising the most advanced technology and take a tremendous pride in our green credentials.  Investment continues to be made over all aspects of the business, from the structures, technical equipment and IT to our most valuable of commodities, our staff.

BV Dairy support the local farming industry by purchasing their milk and working with Farmers on the upkeep of their herds.  We are well known within the local Community through sponsorship donations and currently employ a Team of around 130 highly motivated and skilled personnel – some have been with us for over 40 years!!

The focus at BV Dairy is to always support staff to achieve the best that they can.  Training is a vital part of the system and as colleagues progress they see real benefits, not least, in their pay-packets.  The benefits offered at BV Dairy are generous and staff even have the opportunity to save on their shopping and bills with a rewards scheme that gives ‘cash back’ on all sorts of purchases.  Additionally, the Directors offer corporate hospitality events to staff when groups get to enjoy ‘once in a life time’ opportunities at famous sporting events or fabulous shows, etc.

As you can imagine, running an operation of this size and diversity requires all sorts of skills and the dedicated HR Team are looking for more help in all departments RIGHT NOW.  Whether you are new to the employment market, are thinking about changing your career path or taking on that next challenge then BV Dairy might well have something to offer you.  Join us on Saturday 25 January between 10.00am and 2.00pm and discover what opportunities are available.  You will be able to take a tour around the site and discover for yourself the investment that is ongoing; you will meet the Teams and be able to chat with them about their roles and experiences at the Dairy; you will be able to have an informal and completely confidential conversation with the HR Team – all over a cup of tea or coffee.

Remember – it is our people that make our Dairy great – and you have absolutely nothing to lose and, at the very least, knowledge to gain.

Just call the HR Team on 01747 851 855 or email to book your place and help us make sure that we have enough cake!

Looking forward to seeing you on the 25th.

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