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Soured Cream

A ‘cultured’ product – popular in North American and European cuisine.

Soured Cream Manufacturer UK
Soured Cream Manufacturer UK
Soured Cream Manufacturer UK

Product Info

About Soured Cream

BV Dairy Soured Cream has a thick consistency and is used as a topping, salad dressing and can be added in baking to cakes, cookies, scones and American style biscuits.  It is also a favourite for ‘cooling’ pepper-hot tacos, nachos and burritos from the Tex-Mex ranges.

There are ‘set’, ‘stirred’ and ‘reduced fat’ options.  In addition we can produce to order flavoured varieties.

Depending on the variant, product could be available in:

  • 1kg Bucket
  • 2kg Bucket
  • 5kg Bucket
  • 10kg Bucket
  • 15kg Bucket
  • 2x 10kg Bag in Returnable Crate
  • 500kg Pallecons
  • 1000kg Pallecon

Individual Sachets from 50g to 150g can also be produced – please contact us to discuss options.

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