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New Contract Manufacturing Facility

BV Dairy are proud to announce that following receipt of a regional development grant and a further investment of over £2m we have successfully commissioned our new contract manufacturing facility focusing on specifically pots (100ml – 550ml).

The facility has full inline processing from incubation, mixing, filling, packing, metal detection, check weighing through to blast chilling and palletisation.

This provided the company with increased production space, improved technology, and greater manufacturing capacity which in turn has created several new high-quality jobs to the area.

Technical Info


Technical Info

The inline process allows filling temperatures from 5 degrees cold filled to 26 degrees warm filled across many cultured products with an increased incubation capacity of 120 tons per week.

Packing capacity is circa 130k – 180k pots per week. Depending on product mix and SKU count (5 – 7 days per week) 12 hour / days with the ability to extend hours further if required.

The new facility also incorporates in line metal detection, check weighing and a multi person packing table – blast chilling with an auto loading system to improve chilling efficiency and mobile pallet wrappers for flexibility, complete the area.

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This investment follows quickly behind investment to increase capacity within our bottling plant; where cultured drinks can be manufactured and packed into bottles ranging from 250ml to 1 Ltr and investment in our sachet production line where we can fill sachets from 75g to 400g, enhancing our overall contract manufacturing offer.

If you have a requirement to have any cultured product manufactured and packed into retail sized pots, or indeed would like to talk about bottling or sachets please, contact us.

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