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BV Dairy go back to school . . .

Rachel Caines, ESH Co-ordinator at BV Dairy in Shaftesbury visited Ludwell Community Primary School with the pleasant task of presenting the Eco-School Council (made up of students from each class) with a cheque for £200 as a contribution to the School’s fundraising for the cost of energy saving solar panels.

Ludwell Community Primary is attended by just 73 children and current environmental issues such as the threat of climate change and its effects on all the plants and animals that share our planet feature highly within the culture of the School.

When the decision was made to move to a greener method of sourcing power the School Council discussed the options available and whilst wind turbines were popular it was finally decided that solar panels were the way forward. Sue Evans, the Head Teacher, confirmed that Ludwell Community Primary School became a ‘Solar School’ in this academic year, one of only 16 schools across the whole Country to be supported with funding from 10:10 – a tremendous achievement and recognition of the commitment to green energy from within the whole School. Whilst 10:10 donated a large amount toward the cost of these improvements a substantial sum still has to be raised by the School through fundraising and sponsorship from within the community.

BV Dairy were pleased to be asked for their support. Their site in Shaftesbury has worked hard to reduce the Company’s carbon footprint, supporting their ISO14001 accreditation, and has its own Anaerobic Digester which converts production waste into power. Rachel has been instrumental in making these changes and now works with a continual improvement policy. ‘It is fantastic to see a small school like Ludwell Community Primary instilling these green values in the young and I am so impressed by how the message is spread throughout their organisation and into the local community.’ she said.  ‘BV Dairy strive to spread the word both in deed and example and we are pleased to present this donation to the School Council to help their funding.’

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