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Committed to Sustainability

Sustainability is a key pillar within our corporate business plan at BV Dairy and we are committed to play our part to keep the global temperature rise below 1.5°C through responsible procurement, production and processes. 

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What does sustainability look like at BV Dairy?

Our Sustainability Strategy places emphasis on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and driving environmental improvements by putting in place measurable and achievable targets built around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, (UN, SDGs).

Over the last 12 months, we have continued to optimise the use of ‘greener’, sustainable sources of energy across our site;

  • Installation of solar panels on the Chillstore building
  • Look to include the installation of solar panels within new build

  • Push for 100% green energy tariffs when selecting energy suppliers
  • Review undertaken of on-site compressors and replacement of
    compressors which optimise energy output but reduce thermal heat
    loss. Future work is planned to explore further techniques in heat
    loss recovery.

  • Electric Vehicle charging points have been installed in our carpark.
  • Sustainable Transport and Vehicle Use Policy is in place for our HGV
    fleet with a firm commitment to reducing emissions related to
    vehicle idling and fuel usage.


Water Quality & Usage

As a diary processor, we require large amounts of water on a daily basis to ensure our production plant and equipment are clean and hygienic.

We are however exploring not only how we source water to enable production and on-site welfare facilities, but also how we might employ up and coming technologies in water harvesting, collection and filtration to enable us to treat and reuse water. For any new buildings or large-scale building renovations on-site, we are committed to exploring installations which would enable grey water collection and treatment. 

Waste Management


Waste Management

Did you know that we are committed to sending any municipal/general waste that cannot be recycled to energy from waste facilities?

We ensure to use any liquid by-product waste and washings from our factory as feedstock for our on-site Anaerobic Digestor, reducing sewer disposal costs as well as to generate electricity to power a large proportion of the site. We continue to further segregate our waste streams and where possible recycle and repurpose wastes. Our established Waste Action Team, continue to work to reduce product waste where possible, alongside working to reduce water and energy usage. 


BV Carbon Footprint

We are working to gather data to better understand our Carbon Footprint including Scopes 1, 2 and 3. 

As of July 2023, we were delighted to start work with the Farm Carbon Toolkit on establishing our dairy footprint and that of our supply chain. Specifically, we are committed to encouraging our farmers to not only establish their farm footprint, but to work with them to better understand and embed carbon reduction measures – increasing carbon sequestration and farm efficiency. 

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