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Covid-19 – Coronavirus Update

As a food manufacturer, BV Dairy are maintaining production of our specialist dairy products which are being delivered daily into food manufacturing operations throughout the UK.  We can also offer products for the food service sector if your business has diversified and is now supplying direct to households.

To enable us to do this we rely on, and are indebted to, all our amazing staff, drivers and supplier-farmers.


BV Dairy – Here to Help (Customer Letter – 02.04.2020)

Food Safety

BV Dairy will continue to monitor the situation and follow all guidance and advice from the UK Food Standards Agency and other official bodies.

As this is an emerging concern, it will be closely monitored, and any advice provided will be responded to.

Supply Chain

We are engaged with our supply base both in the UK and overseas.  For the time being it is confirmed that:

  • movement of people is being regulated, however, food manufacturing employees and those industries connected with food manufacturing, are free to move to their place of work
  • there is free movement of goods transport
  • the movement of food is being prioritised

Company Position

We appreciate that with so many moving parts at the moment it is difficult to forecast demand and we are doing everything we can to ensure that we can continue to maintain our service levels to all of our customers.  However, it is also necessary for us to properly manage and forecast stock holdings against demand and ensure we are not putting any of our suppliers at risk in this unprecedented situation.

If you have a specific question that is not answered within this document please contact your Area Sales Manager for further clarification.

Ongoing Procedures

As a diligent manufacturer and supplier, we recognise the potential effect of a viral outbreak and its potential to restrict people from continuing with day to day lives.  We continue to take further steps to help stop further spread of the virus and constantly review our impact and daily operations.  We have:

  • Provide further personal hygiene advice and increased notices throughout the business advising on how staff are to conduct themselves in a hygienic manner
  • Increased the number of hand sanitising points throughout the company and for our transport teams with clear guidelines on the frequency of hand sanitising for all staff
  • Communicated clearly to all staff regarding the current situation and enforcing our return to work policy with clear guidelines on any foreign countries visited.
  • Clearly outlined the symptoms of the corona virus and what actions are required for individuals, their family and close friends to take should anyone experience these symptoms. This may include observing the 14 day exclusion.
  • We have strictly limited off-site meetings and company travel.
  • Where possible, all staff are given the option of working from home.
  • Any essential business visitors or contractors to site will be vetted for approval before they arrive and are required to observe the strict hygiene rules currently in place. Any concerns will result in an exclusion.
  • There is a strict policy in place for couriers and delivery drivers arriving on site who will have limited access and be required to follow the strict hygiene rules currently in place.

Should you have any queries please contact:

The Commercial Team at BV Dairy

30 March 2020

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