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BV Dairy makes historic move into contract manufacturing

BV Dairy have begun contract manufacturing for the first time in its 59 year history after signing a new long-term contract to produce bottled Kefir cultured milk drinks.

The Dairy will produce four million bottled yogurt drinks and Kefir a year using its new Filmatic bottling line which has the capacity to bottle 16.2 million drinks a year allowing the Dairy to meet production targets and service key contract packaging agreements.

This expansion into cultured milk drink production will facilitate further growth for the business, coming close after the completion of the new 13,860 sq ft chill store with state of the art refrigeration system and 220KW of solar PV panels.

BV Dairy have a long history of producing specialist dairy products for the manufacturing, food service and hospitality sectors so it is a natural step to bring in a bottling line for cultured milk drinks.

The exciting new contract underpins BV Dairy’s expertise in this area and the intention is to use all skills, knowledge and experience in new product development – alongside maximising available production capacity. Extensive market research has shown an increasing appetite for cultured drinking products that have associated health benefits.

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