Our People

It's our people that make our dairy great

Jim Highnam
Managing Director


Our Planners report to Jim.  They act as an interface between Customer Service and Production ensuring that manufacturing targets are met as scheduled. They work closely with Suppliers and our Stores to ensure that everything is in place for a smooth shift on the factory floor.

One of the most important roles within BV Dairy falls to our Farm Liaison Team – the technical and social interface with our Farmers making regular visits and assisting wherever possible in improving yields and quality, etc.

With Jim’s love of all things ‘computer’ it makes sense that our ERP Systems Manager who is responsible for the ongoing improvements to all our IT systems and helping all staff to fully utilise the programmes the Dairy operates also forms part of Jim’s Team.

Jim Highnam
Managing Director

Joined his father here at the Dairy in 1991, Jim's passion for the business and the farming community shines through all that the Dairy does.

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Harry Cowan
Commercial Director


The Sales and Marketing division are a small, dedicated team providing timely support to all our Customers and bringing new ideas to the attention of all involved.  Sales and Marketing are also responsible for all community projects that are run in the area – the biggest event being the local Gillingham and Shaftesbury Show in August.

To assist our Customers in getting quick access to our NPD Division this valuable team also report to Harry.  They provide full product development support and continual product matching to produce innovative ideas and assist in the development of interesting new recipes. NPD welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss any aspect of a products usability with our customers and their clients and to work with them in developing new ideas.

Being so closely integrated with our Customers our Logistics Team also report to Harry.  They have responsibility for organising transport to our customers. Working with our own fleet and additional preferred hauliers they ensure that all deliveries are made efficiently and as agreed and they remain on call at all times in case of problems.

Our Stores Department are responsible for wrapping and dispatching our products for storage. They are the last department to handle products and make the final checks before loading. They also make sure that the correct packaging is available ahead of production. As always, space is limited and this role requires juggling skills to say the least!!

BV Dairy values individual customer requirements very highly and have a dedicated Customer Services Team offering a personal and friendly service to our Customers helping to ensure that they receive continuity of service whether with orders or issues. Manning the phones from 0800 hours to 1730 hours, Monday to Friday they are the valued ‘face’ of BV Dairy.









Harry Cowan
Commercial Director

Harry's experience offers BV Dairy a wealth of tools to utilise with our Customers in the manufacturing and food service industries and help them grow with us. Harry studied at the University of Teesside and came to us from a wholesale company supplying food, drink and packaging to over 1500 customers.

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Josh Heydon
Operations Director


Our busy Production Teams in Process, Cultured, Fresh and UF work hard producing and packing our top quality products ready for dispatch.  They maintain our high standards throughout the factory and packing halls to ensure continuity throughout.

Our experienced Engineering Team ensure that BV Dairy rarely suffer breakdowns (is that tempting fate!!).  They operate a strict programme of scheduled maintenance as well as being on hand 24/7 for any emergency.

The QA Team provide all our testing and are available to answer all technical questions. They also circulate Specifications and, where required, Certificates of Conformance, etc.  This busy team are responsible for the continued maintenance and improvement of our HACCP procedures and BRC accreditation. They implement any new

technical protocols via SCADA control technology, a system which also helps ensure the Dairy is working in an environmentally aware and sustainable way and they host customer and third party audits.

Also under this umbrella are our Continuous Improvement and Optimisation Teams who, among other things, identify, coordinate and implement continuous improvement throughout the site and offer continuous optimisation and energy utilisation throughout the plant thus reducing costs and advancing levels of automation.

Josh Heydon
Operations Director

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and Millie our Mischievous Mascot

Millie Leaning Face

Millie is our mischievous mascot. She makes appearances throughout the year at various events including:





ANIMALS 31:07:15




ANIMALS 26:07:19









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