The Chill Store

A new eara at BV Dairy

Firstly, please check out what Jim Highnam, our MD, had to say about our Chill Store facility on the occasion of BV Dairy having been shortlisted for the Blackmore Vale Media Business Green Award, 2017 – an award we are pleased to say we won.

The full story is that October 2016 saw the commissioning of our new chill store building; housing 1000 pallet spaces held at 3oC, and also incorporating new offices and storage which accommodates our customer services team, transport and storage teams along with production planning and engineering workshops.

The design ethos of the chill store is based upon lean principles, efficient running, and full IT integration across all functions and ProjectLink provided full project management services.

VNA (Very Narrow aisle) fork lift trucks run on guidance systems which allow us to maximise the total number of pallet spaces within the facility in the smallest area of space. IT systems control raw material delivery into the chill store, put away functions, stock replenishments and final order picking, loading and transport.

Solar panels cover the complete roof space generate 3500kWh of electricity each day, making the facility self-sufficient with regards to energy consumption. This power is also utilised to charge and power our fleet of company cars and, over the course of the year, the excess energy generated will cover some of the production facilities requirements. The Chillstore itself incorporates PIR lighting systems throughout to maximise energy saving and all chiller unit gases are energy optimal.

A fantastic additional result, steaming from the construction of the chill store facility, is the Bio Diversity Project that is also now sited between the building and the AD Plant. This is a planting scheme and pond system that we allow to propagate naturally, providing a valuable area for wildlife of all kinds to live and flourish.

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