Green Credentials

BV Dairy are committed to reducing waste and their carbon footprint

BV Dairy has been certified to the internationally recognised Environmental Standard, ISO 14001 since 2011.  This gives the Dairy a strong focus to continually improve our environmental performance and reduce our impact on natural resources.  Download our Certificate here.

As part of our Federation House commitment pledge via Dairy UK, we are working on water saving initiatives across the site, predominately with our Chiller systems and Pasteurisers.

In 2014 we reduced our requirement of landfill from approximately 20 bin collections per week to just one.

All other site waste is recycled or sent for further sorting, and any non-recyclable material is incinerated to produce electricity.

This makes us, very nearly, a zero waste direct to landfill site. Staff across the entire site have been extremely supportive and recycling has now become part of our ethos.

At BV Dairy all of our unavoidable waste and by-products from our cheese production and plant cleaning is used to feed our onsite Anaerobic Digester which converts it primarily, to biogas and then electricity which is used by the factory.  In 2013 enough electricity was produced to run the equivalent of 187 family homes.

October 2016 saw the commissioning of our new Chill Store, a state-of-the-art facility offering 1000 pallet spaces held at a constant 3oC with additional offices and storage to help accommodate this expanding site.  Incorporating Solar panels that generate 3500kWh of electricity each day means the facility is self-sufficient with regards to energy consumption and power is also utilised to charge the Dairy’s fleet of electric and hybrid company cars.  Ask about recharging yours when you visit us!

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