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BV Dairy - Let us Introduce Ourselves!

BV Dairy was established in 1958 and we have come a long way since our award winning Clotted Cream was sold in the local area.  Now run by the third generation of the Highnam family both the business and the range of specialty products has grown and developed to form one of the most respected and successful independent dairies in the South West of England today.

A widely respected independent producer, BV Dairy now occupies a modern, well equipped production facility employing the latest manufacturing technology situated on the edge of North Dorset’s lush and fertile Blackmore Vale – ‘the vale of the little dairies’, to quote Hardy – a centre of milk production in the West Country, if you check the statistics.  We operate an on-going development program for both our products and our processes.

Our UF Plant, a world class facility for manufacturing, was commissioned in May 2004.  It uses Ultra Filtration (UF) Technology that, at the time was a relatively recent manufacturing process and uncommon in the UK.  The plant offers total flexibility in the manufacturer of a range of different products and has enhanced our position as an innovative manufacturer of specialist dairy product for our customers.  We continue to operate an on-going development program covering both new and existing products as well as employing the very latest, modern technology and systems in our production halls and in maintaining the strictest levels of hygiene and traceability throughout.  Our active NPD department works constantly on new concepts and also with customers and potential customers whenever possible.

October 2016 saw the commissioning of a new Chill Store facility; housing 1000 pallet spaces and incorporating new office space and storage accommodation.  The design ethos is based on lean principles, efficient running and full IT integration.  We utilise VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) Fork Trucks running on guidance systems and solar panels generate 3500kWh of electricity each day.  Further information can be found here.

Hailing from a farming background originally, BV Dairy understands all aspects of the dairy industry and is proud of its strong relationship with the local farming community.  We understand the importance of restricting food miles, hence, milk is sourced from Red Tractor accredited farms within a 30 mile radius and our dedicated Farm Liaison Team assist with many of the technical aspects of managing the herds of good quality, healthy, happy cows that provide us with the best possible quality milk.  This means that we only work with a base-product that is second to none in respect of freshness and flavour

Whilst valuing tradition and heritage BV Dairy continues to be committed to the supply of consistent, premium quality products – we always strive for the best, never taking shortcuts that could impact on our service or our products.

Download the BV Dairy Mission Statement here.

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