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A positive and enjoyable day at BV Dairy

We recently opened our doors to the public for a Recruitment Open Day.

Dagmara Bielinska, HR Manager at BV Dairy

‘The whole purpose of this event’, said Dagmara Bielinska, HR Manager, ’was to inform members of the local community exactly what we do here at BV Dairy.  I am always amazed at the number of people who believe we milk cows – which just couldn’t be further from the truth.’

‘We are actually one of the pioneers in the dairy manufacturing industry.  In our 60+-year history we have been at the forefront in utilising the most advanced technology and we take a tremendous pride in our green credentials.  Investment continues to be made over all aspects of our business and it was great to have the opportunity to pass this sort of information on to the local community and, in particular, to the fabulous group of 29 people who joined us on Saturday 25 January.’

With the support of a team of Managers the visitors were able to see and learn about all aspects of BV Dairy and the wide range of diverse opportunities that are available right on their doorstep.  Dagmara commented ‘there was genuine surprise by our guests at the variety of different roles there are within a normal working day here at BV Dairy.  Of course, we have our Production Teams at our core but supporting them are a host of other roles including Stores Staff (making sure that everything needed for production is where it should be when it is needed), multi-skilled Engineers, Quality Assurance personnel, an Accounts Team, a Commercial Team looking after our customers and our Logistics Team of 12 people, to mention just a few.  All are essential for the success of our business.’

Mark Damen, ERP Systems Manager, gives BV Dairy’s Guests an insight into the IT systems operated throughout the site in Shaftesbury.

On the day the visitors were shown around the production and storage areas – some of them who live just a stone’s throw away – were staggered at the overall size of the operation.  The guests also joined in presentations which supplied information in an informal and relaxed way and a good number of them chose to leave their CVs and kick-off the more formal interview process with a view to joining the 130-existing staff at BV Dairy.

Dagmara said, ‘as HR Manager I could not be more pleased with the event, it was a huge success for BV Dairy.  Not only did we have a great attendance but the people who joined us were interested and engaged – they asked us some fantastic and challenging questions and I wish to thank each and every one for giving up their Saturday to visit us.   I also hope they enjoyed some cake!’

Keep an eye out as we plan to repeat the event in the future ‘it is just such a fantastic way to communicate with our lovely neighbours’ said Dagmara.

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